📈Managing your portfolio

Upon arriving at the Dashboard, you will see a comprehensive summary of your portfolio at the top.

Portfolio Allocation

Your deposit allocations are visualized through two distinct pie charts: By Portfolio and By Risk.

By Portfolio: Depicts the proportion of your deposits assigned to each vault.

By Risk: Showcases the spread of your deposits according to each vault's risk grade.

These charts provide valuable insights into the diversification of your portfolio and the distribution of your deposits across different risk grades.

Key summary

This section encapsulates essential aspects of your portfolio, presenting the following details:

My Total Deposits: Reflects the aggregate sum of your deposits across all vaults.

Est. Daily Earnings: Displays the yield generated daily.

Est. Yearly Earnings: Projects the yield you can anticipate annually.

My Portfolio Risk: This denotes the weighted average of your deposits, corresponding to the risk grade of the respective vaults.

My Vaults

This section lists all the vaults you've engaged with through your deposits. To review a vault's performance or modify your positions, simply click on the desired vault to be redirected to its specific page.

Alternatively, you can click 'Sort by' to sort the vaults based on any of the 6 key information points.

Upon clicking on any of the vaults, you will be directed to the respective vault page.

My Alerts

As you scroll down, you'll encounter alerts related to the vaults you have deposited in. You can filter these alerts by protocols, event types (indicated by labels), and the severity of the alerts for a more customized overview.

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