Risk Evaluation will serve as the essential foundation for DeFi, analogous to the pivotal role of credit ratings within the modern financial system.


LazyOtter Risk Evaluation offers a systematic assessment of potential risks associated with a protocol or token. It presents a risk rating score ranging from A to E, indicating the entity's level of riskiness. This evaluation is underpinned by a comprehensive and adaptable risk assessment framework that encompasses a wide range of factors spanning technical, economic, and operational domains. Drawing inspiration and insights from leading security assessment initiatives such as DeFiSafety, De.Fi, and Slowmist Hacked, our risk assessment framework integrates the best practices and industry standards in risk evaluation.

LazyOtter's primary focus is to identify the risks and vulnerabilities of a protocol and then develop methods to monitor and mitigate them effectively. By doing so, LazyOtter ensures that protocols are not only assessed but also actively protected against potential threats.


"DYOR" - Do Your Own Research, a catchphrase echoing throughout the Web3 world. The message behind it is simple: Before committing to a project or cryptocurrency, take the time to thoroughly understand it. However, in reality, DYOR can be overwhelming, especially for non-developers. With scattered information, misleading details, and the need for a vast array of expertise, even the most diligent researchers can end up bamboozled, scammed, or worse - losing their life savings.

In the current DeFi world, the majority of users aren't technical developers. While many rely on smart contract audits to gauge a protocol's safety, these audits primarily focus on code-level risks. They often overlook other critical risks, such as economic, operational, and additional technical vulnerabilities.

LazyOtter Risk Evaluation's objectives are to:

  1. All-Around Risk Assessment: Beyond just code, we evaluate a wide spectrum of risks, including economic, operational, and technical aspects.

  2. Identify Risks and Vulnerabilities: To later develop strategies that effectively monitor and mitigate these risks.

  3. Expert-Driven Evaluation: Our evaluations are the culmination of insights from experts across various domains, ensuring a holistic risk perspective.

With LazyOtter Risk Evaluation by your side, navigating the treacherous waters of cryptocurrency may eventually become a breeze. Join us to embark on a journey towards safer, more informed, and ultimately more rewarding investments!


During the initial phase, our risk evaluation will be conducted by a dedicated core team of risk management professionals, possessing diverse expertise in relevant domains. This team comprises actuaries, risk managers, cybersecurity experts, legal professionals, economists, and smart contract engineers. Their collective experience and knowledge will contribute to a comprehensive and well-rounded approach for evaluating risks associated with DeFi protocols and crypto assets. For further information, please visit our "Who Are We" section.

In the long run, we envision the LazyOtter community taking the lead in performing risk rating analysis through a collaborative effort to gather accurate information and assess risks. Achieving this goal necessitates a decentralized, clearly defined, and transparent operational process that upholds fairness and professionalism. We wholeheartedly welcome ideas from within and beyond our community to aid in formulating such a process.

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