Risk Layered Vault Page

Upon arriving at the vault page, you will see a key summary of the vault and some essential metrics displayed at the top right.

Key summary, metrics and vault performance

In the key summary section, the vault's performance is displayed, including the following information:

APY: The interest generated by the vault

Token value: The conversion rate for the vault token

TVL: The total funds managed by the vault

This information provides a snapshot of the vault's performance and its managed assets. You can choose to view data from the past 7 days or the past 30 days, which can help you determine the consistency of the performance.

To the right, you'll find options for making deposits or withdrawals.

View more

By selecting 'View More' in the top right corner under the risk grade, you'll access a brief overview of the protocol's risk rating. This includes a summary of the protocol and important points to consider. For a deeper understanding of the Risk Evaluation Analysis, click on 'View Full Protocol Risk Rating' at the bottom. This action will direct you to the Risk Rating Evaluation page, where you can find detailed insights into the risk rating analysis process. For further information, please refer to the risk rating section.

Deposit/ Withdrawal

If you have decided to choose this vault, you can simply deposit here:

Monitoring results

In this section, you can view past incidents. Filter them by label, indicating the type of events, and by the severity of the alerts for a more tailored overview.

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