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What is LazyOtter?

In the world of finance, DeFi has the potential to outshine TradFi in terms of safety and security thanks to the fundamental nature blockchain technology. However, not everyone has the time or knowledge to DYOR and assess DeFi protocols and applications in detail, and sadly, this leaves room for sneaky, malicious players to cash in on the confusion, lack of transparency, and FOMO emotions. Meanwhile, the mainstream media is stirring up a storm, demonizing DeFi based on isolated incidents. This creates a vicious cycle that's scaring off potential DeFi enthusiasts from diving into this game-changing technology. Enter LazyOtter, your trusted risk intelligence layer that sits snugly between users and projects. Our mission is clear: to offer a safer alternative for users to invest in DeFi. We believe that the true potential of DeFi can only be unlocked when users can invest with confidence, knowing they are protected. By meticulously identifying the real risks of projects - risks that often go unnoticed by the average user - we craft strategies to monitor and mitigate them. This proactive approach ensures that users are not just informed but are also actively shielded from potential threats.

With LazyOtter by your side, you're not just navigating the DeFi waters; you're sailing them with a fortified ship, equipped with the best tools and intelligence to ward off any storm. Embrace the financial revolution that is DeFi, knowing that LazyOtter has got your back every step of the way.

Why the name 'LazyOtter?'

💡 Sea otters are a keystone species. An entire ecosystem depends on its presence.

We believe that Risk Management, just like sea otters, is the cornerstone for a successful and enjoyable DeFi ecosystem. We also want our community to leverage blockchain and smart contract technologies to manage the risks automatically and effectively, so that we can relax and be lazy, and let the code does the work. Such beliefs lead us to become Lazy Otters who:

  • Are alert to risk: Just as sea otters use their keen senses to detect danger, LazyOtter is dedicated to proactively identifying risks. We've integrated advanced risk monitoring tools that closely track suspicious on-chain activities, offering users unparalleled security and peace of mind

  • Work smart: Embracing the resourcefulness of sea otters, LazyOtter believes in working smart. Sea otters are among the few animals known to use tools intelligently, saving effort and time. Similarly, our platform harnesses the power of automation and smart contracts to streamline tasks like harvesting, redepositing rewards, and rebalancing portfolios. With our automated vaults expertly managing risks and generating yields, users can focus on enjoying their well-earned leisure time.

  • Have a sense of community: Inspired by the strong bonds formed among sea otters, LazyOtter aims to foster a close-knit community that collaborates to navigate the DeFi landscape safely. By pooling resources, sharing knowledge, and working together to mitigate risks, our community members can learn from one another, save time on research, and benefit from shared advantages like lower gas fees.

Who are we?

At LazyOtter, the core team comprises dedicated risk management professionals with diverse expertise in various fields, including actuaries, risk managers and cybersecurity professionals. This diverse background enables us to understand and address different aspects of these risks effectively.

You can read more about our team here.

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